Governance and Societal Adaptation in Fragile States

  • Springer International Publishing
  • 288 Seiten
  • Hardcover
  • Format: 216 mm x 153 mm x 20 mm
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 10.06.2020
  • Artikelnummer 978-3-030-40133-7


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This book examines the various ways in which some fragile states in the Global South (or states with limited statehood) have adopted, and adapted to, processes of governance in their quests to address the socialized problems affecting their societies. It tells the story of these states' resilience in the societal adaptation to a liberalized notion of governance. In addition to comparative case studies, the book also analyzes the engendered interplay of culture, economics, and politics in the creation of people-centric governance reforms. The contributing authors shed light on weak states' often constructive engagement in the promotion of state governance under a variety of societal conditions, adverse or otherwise, and on their ability to remain resilient despite the complexities of the political and economic challenges they face.