The Poems of When We Drew Rainbows

Poems by the Kids of 2020 Lockdown - Never Forget the Power of Freedom

  • Kilbarchan Press
  • 26 Seiten
  • Format: 222,0 mm x 221,0 mm x 5,0 mm
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.07.2020
  • Artikelnummer 978-1-83814-990-1


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One unprecedented event of 2020 changes every child's life forever.

Gentle sunshine wakes you up one morning. But the mind is not ready. It has only one thought "When is it going to end?"

The sense of uncertainty drives your fear. Then your hope builds up over time and you plant a seed of belief that the world will manage. However, fear and hope go hand in hand in a lockdown race. Which one will win?

In what race does a child's mind engage? How does it cope? What feelings does the lockdown experience generate in their hearts? These are questions that a criminal psychologist, a mom of two, faces one morning looking at her daughters while self-isolating during lockdown. She finds the answers in poems written by children of different ages.

This book is a little collection of feelings of disappointment, fear and hope that reside in the child's inner world. The beautiful vibrant illustrations of unicorns and rainbows resonate with the child's perception of their reality. The fun activities allow them to colour their feelings. Their simple yet meaningful words express their emotional innocence and remind us of the universal truth of love and friendships. The poems send us a timeless message, "Never underestimate the power of freedom."

The book is a must-have for the brave children of 2020 lockdown. It is a thoughtful Christmas present, birthday gift or a no-occasion surprise that shows our little heros that adults hear them and that they care.