33 Myths of the System

  • Peter Allen
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.04.2021
  • Artikelnummer 978-1-83840-735-3

Digitalprodukt / E-Book

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In the perfect dystopian system, the prison and the prisoners are one.
A radical guide to the entire system in its final, most developed form. 33 Myths of the System takes apart the fabrications of all the ideologies of the system, exposing the iniquitous fictions at the heart of socialism, capitalism, professionalism, postmodernism, scientism, economics, psychology, technocratic progress and the anti-culture that the system presents to us as meaning.
33 Myths of the System presents a revolutionary new way to perceive, understand and deal with the unhappy supermind that directs, penetrates and even lives our lives.