The Corona Lie - unmasked

Evidence, facts, backgrounds

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  • Hardcover
  • 344 Seiten
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  • 216 mm x 153 mm x 26 mm
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.04.2021
  • Artikelnummer 978-3-347-28085-4


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This book is the first to examine the Corona phenomenon in its entirety and uncovers plenty of contradictions. A wealth of information is substantiated with hundreds of sources and raises doubts about the official account of the virus, the disease and the sense of the measures. The political background responsible for the economic decline is revealed.
The book answers important questions such as: Can the PCR test detect infections at all? Why do the statistics show far too high case numbers? How dangerous is the virus really? What did the alledged "corona" dead die of? What are the problems of wearing masks? Why lockdowns and spacing rules cannot stop the virus? Why are the new vaccinations hazardous? Who planned and profits from the global crisis? What is the objective? What is happening to the freedom of speech and democracy? Why the fundamental rights are being abolished?
The book reveals the secret agenda behind the corona crisis. From thousands of documents, the author has researched the evidence that is hidden by the media. It presents the facts in a way that is easy to understand for everybody. Despite scientific explanations, the book reads easily because the author knows how to lighten up the complex topic with ironic comments.