The Public and Its Problems

An Essay in Political Inquiry

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More than six decades after John Dewey's death, his political philosophy is undergoing a revival. With renewed interest in pragmatism and its implications for democracy in an age of mass communication, bureaucracy, and ever-increasing social complexities, Dewey's The Public and Its Problems, first published in 1927, remains vital to any discussion of today's political issues.

This edition of The Public and Its Problems, meticulously annotated and interpreted with fresh insight by Melvin L. Rogers, radically updates the previous version published by Swallow Press. Rogers's introduction locates Dewey's work within its philosophical and historical context and explains its key ideas for a contemporary readership. Biographical information and a detailed bibliography round out this definitive edition, which will be essential to students and scholars both.

John Dewey
John Dewey (1859-1952) studierte an der Johns Hopkins University in Balitmore, war zunächst Professor für Philosophie in Chicago und von 1904 bis zu seiner Emeritierung im Jahr 1930 an der Columbia University in New York.