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There is no going back to the old "normal". What you used to know as "your life" is no more. This rebuilding phase, disguised as a "pandemic", has been well prepared and none of this has to do with a virus or a health hazard.

In 2019, a great reset of the monetary, economic and political system was long overdue. The tension could be felt everywhere. The elite, the "Secret World Government" finally wanted to implement their "New World Order". They were tired of the delusion of free elections, individual rights and self-realization. As long as we were needed as work force they played along, but now that robots and AI are better and faster than us we became dispensable.

However, neither those responsible for the old system nor their puppets in politics and the media were willing to take the blame for a major system crash. They feared the rage of the masses. What they needed was a scapegoat, something or someone to be held responsible for the great reset, a complete redesign of our way of living and for many of us the right for living.

And then the Chinese presented the perfect way out of their dilemma: an enemy that nobody can see or fight or even understand. SARS-COV-2 is a political virus, designed in a lab in China with Western support and knowing. This is a proven fact. This common cold virus did not come unforeseen. There was a clear build-up of events in 2019 that led to the worldwide lockdown with all its consequences, ranging from intelligence reports to Bill Gates' Event 201 to a Climate Emergency in Europe after faked elections.

Even with the easing of lockdown measures in some areas or countries this experiment is far from over. It has just begun. Do you think that politicians or so-called "scientists" and "journalists" will voluntarily renounce their newly gained powers and the attention that they so enjoy?

This is a serious political, social, economical and spiritual crisis. This is as serious as it can get. This is Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's 1984 all combined. This is the ultimate fight "Good" versus "Evil". What do you want this world to be, for yourself and for your descendants: fearful and oppressive or loving and creative? Find out what lies behind it and get ready to act.